Scottish Trade Union Congress 2019

The 2019 Scottish Trade Union Congress, or STUC, met in Dundee on 15-19th of April, and reports from UNISON speakers can be found here.

The annual event brings together unions from across Scotland to set a policy framework, helping to support the trade union movement in Scotland.

The STUC is there to help co-ordinate, develop and articulate the views and policies of the trade union movement in Scotland and, through the creation of real social partnership, to promote: trade unionism; equality and social justice; the creation and maintenance of high quality jobs; and the public sector delivery of services.

The STUC represents over 540,000 trade unionists, the members of 37 affiliated trade unions and 20 Trades Union Councils. Working with members in and out of work, in the community, in the workplace, and in all occupational sectors and across Scotland, allows the STUC to speak with authority for the interests of women workers, black workers, young workers, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender workers and other groups of trade unionists that otherwise suffer discrimination in the workplace and in society.

Much of their campaigning work is focused on influencing the policies of Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.

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