Local Service Champions Awards 2019

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The Local Service Champions Awards celebrate the invaluable contribution local authority staff make to our lives: the roles they play in making our communities healthier, safer and more efficient should be celebrated.

We owe our local service champions a huge debt.

This year, the Local Service Champions campaign has highlighted the amazing work of these unsung heroes. The #LSC Awards will honour some of their greatest stories. 


Do you know someone who works in local government? Do you think their work or something they have done at work deserves to be recognised? Do they show a true public service ethos?

Nominate them here and they could win a 3 night stay in our Cryode Bay Holiday Resort in Devon

You will also be entered into a prize draw to win £100 in vouchers.

The criteria:

To nominate someone for an #LSC Award, they could be a refuse worker, care assistant, trading standards officer, environmental health inspector, youth worker, librarian, cleaner, administrator – and so many more! – they must just work for a council or deliver a local government service.

You can nominate someone for a single act of kindness – a story that demonstrates they go above and beyond – or for showing dedication and diligence, day in and day out. It can be someone who has worked for the council for many years and has been a rock for their community. Or it could be a newer member of staff, who has shown true enthusiasm and has pushed for demonstrable improvements.

The panel will judge the applications against the following criteria:

Going above and beyond: Demonstrated commitment and dedication to provide a first-class service for local people, taking personal responsibility for the impact their work can make. It could have been a single act of kindness, that went outside of their usual responsibilities. Or their dedication to implement incremental improvements, making the council better on a daily basis.

Community impact: Demonstrate how their work touches the wider community and people’s lives.

Overcoming adversity: Councils are under huge pressure and staff are being put in impossible situations at times, constantly being asked to more with less. The panel will take the situation and the person’s response into account.

Teamwork: Has worked collectively with others across their council and wider community, to create positive change where they work and improve local services for the people who use them.

Promoting equality: Has pushed for the voices of diverse groups such as women, Black, disabled, young, older or LGBT+ people to be heard and for their needs to be addressed.

The deadline for applications is the 15th November and winners will be contacted by the 2nd December. 

We know that South Ayrshire employees go above and beyond every day, going the extra mile for our residents and customers, so here’s your chance to show them how much you appreciate their efforts.