Annual General Meeting

Regardless of the challenges presented by 2020, South Ayrshire UNISON branch will hold our AGM over two online meetings on the 24th of Feb on Microsoft Teams and 25th of Feb on Zoom.

The AGM is an important meeting for all members. It provides an opportunity for you to ask questions about the work of the union, you can see how branch finances have been used and you can help to set policy and agree priorities for the year ahead.

The AGM also provides an opportunity for you to elect officials to lead the branch and represent your interests.

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Hold the date

This year the meeting will be held online. There will be two meeting to allow as many members as possible to join in. The first meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 6.00 pm on Microsoft Teams and the second meeting will be on Thursday 25th February 2021 at 6:00 p.m. on Zoom.

Electing your Branch Officials and Workplace Reps

One of the most important functions of the AGM is to elect officials to lead the branch for the year ahead. A whole range of different jobs are available in the branch each one carries a really important set of responsibilities. Whether you’re face to face with managers in negotiations, representing members in a disciplinary, or helping members with a welfare claim, all are necessary to create an effective union team. Steward and Officer nomination forms are available from the branch office.

Please email on and we will send form to your home address or via email.

Motion and Rule Changes

If you would like to submit a motion for consideration or a change in the rules of the Branch please do so by 8th February 2021 and a form will be sent with details of how and where to submit.

All UNISON members have the right to submit Motions or Amendments to Rule to the AGM.

A motion is a formal proposal by a member and it is to ask the Committee to take a certain action. If for example you want to ask the Branch to set up a Young Members Group to ensure that the issues affecting younger workers are properly addresses, then you can raise this as a Motion.

All Motions must be supported by a seconder, who is also a UNISON member.

The Branch Committee will meet prior to the AGM and discuss the proposed Motion and will decide if they support Motion. The Committee can agree to amend the motion in order to secure support.

You can access the form for submitting a motion here.

For help and information about writing a motion, check the national site here.

Access Requirements

We recognize that to ensure all our members can fully participate it may be necessary to make adjustments, if you require any adjustments please contact the branch and we will discuss your requirements.

We hope you will come along to the AGM as we’re certainly very keen to see you.